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MAJAN fragrance which its scent will take you to the magnificence of the past...

Exploring the pages of history back to 5000 years, we walk on the coasts of great MAJAN where we combine the greatness of past with the magnificence of modernity. MAJAN is a culture centered in Abu Dhabi specifically in Sas Alnakhl. It was named the land of MAJAN and spread between Baynonah land and borders of Qatar from one Side to Saudi from the other side Its history extends deeply more than 3000 years before BC The name of MAJAN consists of two parts, "MA" means Ship and "JAN”means Structure.

lt was neighboured by the civilization of Meluhha in the Emirate of Sharjah in Meliha archaeological site at Khatm passage at the base of Fayah mountain It is beleived by the historians that MAJAN and Meluhha civilizations founded on the shores of the Arabian Gulf and developed side by side with other civilizations, the Akkadian in Iraq and the Dilmun in Bahrain
MAJAN provided many merchandise to the world, from which was inspired to blend javan frankincense, Sandalwood Oil and Oud Wood with Musk to introduce to you MAJAN fragrance which its scent will take you to the magnificence of the past

Top Note: Grape Fruit, Orange, Jasmine (Fruity - Floral)
Middle Note: Ylang - Ylang, Tuberose, Oudh, Pelargonium, Pink
Base Note: Benzoin, Cedar wood, Patchouli, Vetive Sandal Wood and Musk. (Woody - Musky).