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We are proud to bring to you this fragrance...

A Descendant of Saqlawiyah horse, the horse of the Prophet Mohammad (PCBH), Kahliah came. She was a mare owned by Sheikh Zayed Bin Khalifa Bin Shakhboot Al Nahyan as its ancestors was gifted from one of Makkah Nobels to one of his grandfathers.

Since then, the Sheikhs ingherited this strain from father to son and its offsprings is well known until nowadays at Al Nahyans, Al Muallas royal families and many of those interested in purebred Arabian horses in the United Arab Emirates and Gulf In the United Arab Emirates and for the feminine touch of Kahilah, we are proud to bring to you this fragrance.

Top Not: Oudy
Middle Note: Oudy
Base Note : Oudy