about us


Determination of men turns into reality...

EMIRATES BLENDS is a UAE company specialized in innovation and production of perfumes and body care products in a modern way. The idea of establishing EMIRATES BLENDS was emerged in 2015 embodied in producing a high-quality products extracted from a natural materials as much as possible.

EMIRATES BLENDS is proud of its products which have a special character representing the Historic and Geographic environment of Emirates, its ancient past, its lustrous present and its splendid future. It offers its guests a unique shopping experience taking them into an fictional journey to watch the charming originality of the UAE rich environment with natural materials. We focus on creativity and innovation to get the best natural products which our guests look forward to

Our Vision: From UAE to the world.
Our Mission: we sincerely innovate and sustainability distinguish.
Our Goaf: offering products with UAE identity in a high-quality and modern touch.